Tired days, sleepy

Stay abed and dream, then stretch, 

Turn, to dream again. 

Early morning drive
Lights dance on wet roads, raindrops
Sparkle on windscreens.

Doors close tight, locked.

Dark within, no light. There is 

No way out this time.

Obstruction is the rule

Chest thumping, greedy fools

Self interest reigns. 

Celebrate things round

Honor pi today, where we

Write months before days 

Cold seeps into bones

Shivering all day, tired

Of constant winter.


Ah technology
Plastic and magic, wireless
And then frustration.

Night, dark and smooth, wraps

Me in velvet, darkest blue.

Descent into sleep.  

Sun and warmth, then snow

Spring tries to break through, but still

Winter’s grip is tight.

Pinpoints of rain fall.

Sharp, cold, wet. Relentless in

their aim, straight at me.