Today I started chemotherapy. You’d think that I would actually know the names and classes of the drugs that I am receiving, but I don’t at the moment. It’s ok. Next time I’ll write them down from the bags or see if I can read my doctor’s handwriting. It doesn’t really much matter… I’m more a behaviorist. What they give me matters, but the science part is less interesting to me than how it all works together, if that makes any sense at all.

I just have to say that I love Swiss health care so far. So organized. My regular doctor gives me this grid with all my meds and when I take them. And the oncologist gives me an even more detailed grid with specific days of the week and when I take which drug. Maybe they do that in the US too now – I don’t know, but this is a fabulous set up.

At the same time, there’s a bit more autonomy. When I went into the hospital for my lumpectomy, I brought all of my prescription meds, and took them. When I was released, I packed up, the nurse walked me to the elevator and wished me well. No wheelchair. You also walk yourself up to the room, and you walk down to the consultation room to see the doctor. I really like it.

Hmm.. haven’t said anything about the lumpectomy. Well, that went really well. Small scar parallel to the floor under my arm where the lump was removed, and underarm perpendicular where they removed the lymph nodes. The pathology looks good – no evidence of mets or node involvement, tumor was 3cm, so I’m a IIa. But the tumor grade – level of differentiation – and a measure of aggressiveness – is 3, hence the chemo. Bone, liver, lung and abdomen all look clear. So all in all, good prognosis.

Anyway, I had 4 bags of stuff today. Two chemo drugs (cytoxins?) and some antinausea and some prednisone. I think I have a little prednisone buzz at the moment, but no nausea. Just feel a little wired and weird. That will go away, but then I’ll probably become tired and loose my hair. But, I have a really cute wig waiting for me.

Should post more regularly now… this is more or less catch up. Also, I suspect that most of my posts will deal with my medical experiences for a while…. because I don’t see myself cooking much inventive stuff for a bit, and I do seem to have this all consuming schedule of medications and doctor visits. It’s a full time job!