I am tired, I

Feel myself melt into the

Mattress. I need sleep.

Cold is sharp, pointed

Hard against skin. Faces sting.

Breath is visible.

Dry, dull winter, gray

Just cold enough to annoy

Without a snowfall.

Sweetest pup ever

Fast asleep, peaceful, goodest

Girl. Love our Lily.

Unsettled. No keys.

Looked here, looked there, finally

Found them in the trash.

Where are my keys? Wrapped

In a paper towel and

Flung into the trash.

Winter light, silver

Sun. Cool jazz in the car, so

Free on the fast road.

Covered in frost, cold

Crystals are caught by sunlight

They twinkle and shine.

Ink flows to paper

Turquoise scrawled across the page

Words all in a line.

Sometimes people suck

And yet, in the end, we have

Only each other.