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Fog threads through the trees

Suspended high over the

River, like magic

Rain falls from the sky
Heavy drops reach the pavement,
Round wet explosions

Outside is gray. Cold.

Still. Misery permeates.

Sameness. More Ennui.

Pinpoints of rain fall.

Sharp, cold, wet. Relentless in

their aim, straight at me.

We waited for snow

Instead only rain. Cold, wet

Abysmal weather

#nahaiwrimo  #micropoetry



Some days are better

Than others. Just like  weather,

Sad days pass away.

Soft and sweet, light, green
Hyacinth scents fill the room
Countering gray fog

#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

Wet, gray, gloomy, dull
Unfit skies for my birthday.
Must brighten the day.

#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

Cold rain, heavy drops
Hit and splatter on metal blinds
Gloom pervades today

#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

A touch of spring in
Strangely warm air, gentle breezes
Too mild, too early.