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Sun breaks through the gray

Illumination, warmth, despite

The cold. Lifts souls.

Outside is gray. Cold.

Still. Misery permeates.

Sameness. More Ennui.

Human burrito

Blanket tortilla, snuggle

Down for a cold night. 

Blushing sky, softly

Fades to dark. A sliver of

cresent moon glows bright.

So attached, to this

Smudged, dirty screen. A funnel

into narrowness

Light in short supply

Too often shrouded in fog 

Strong desire for sleep 

Day is night, black is

White, and up is down. New World?

No, just April Fools.

Like a sweet lamb

March is ready to sleep, and

I must sneeze and sneeze


Early morning dark, 

Still, birds busy chirping, sounds

Of waking, soft, distant. 

So much white, too bright.

The fog encapsulates, we

Are buried by light.