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Ribbons of clouds, shades

of gray to white. Patches of blue

poke through here and there.

Pink and gold shine through
The icy haze hanging low
Warm light but cold air

Cold and damp, stinging
My face in gray fog, water
Droplets adorn branches

Gray day, half winter

Snow or rain, we wait to see

Cold chill in the air


Two sunny days in
A row. Mild temp, blue sky. So
Very very wrong.

And paying it forward for tomorrow while I travel….

Black socks, white dog, hair
Everywhere, but how does so
Much get inside?

Gloomy Swiss weather
Few signs of winter, fog, rain
Too many dark days.

Gray skies, damp and cool,
Low fog skirts the trees, misty
And mysterious.

Delicious coolness
Greets me as I awake
Glad to start my day.

Hot outside, too hot.
Energy sapped, lie near fan
No motivation.

Cool mist gives way to
Blue skies, warm sun. I rush to
Find my big straw hat.