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Darkness quickens, days
Are shorter. Summer winds down
Still, hot days remain.

Darkened sky, wind picks
Up, feels ominous. Summer
Storms bring heat relief.

Steady sun shine, no
Mercy for the plants, vit D
Sure, but just too hot.

Weather stays the same
Days of sun and heat, breezy
Near the water’s edge.

Consistent weather
Does not bore, rather it gives
Time to relax, time to rest.

The sky cries, rain falls
Dark and wet, but refreshes.
Clears away the dust
Plants reach to the rain, standing
And stretching to sky above.

Sorry i’ve been out of it for a couple of weeks…. Think of it as vacation.

More sun, more heat, neither
A cloud nor bit of wind. We
Wait for night inside.

Not a leaf moves, so
Still. Heat promises to build all
Day. Sunshine. Summer.

Cool mist gives way to
Blue skies, warm sun. I rush to
Find my big straw hat.