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Muscles ache, joints creak.
Somedays it hurts to walk. Stiff
And sore, going on.
Arimidex, keep those mets
Away from me, I do hope.

Every day still
Brings laughter, wonder and some
And yes, it its syrupy
Deep thoughts are on vacation.

The sky cries, rain falls
Dark and wet, but refreshes.
Clears away the dust
Plants reach to the rain, standing
And stretching to sky above.

Sorry i’ve been out of it for a couple of weeks…. Think of it as vacation.

Too many people
Smells invade. No space to breathe,
So we leave the train.
New train is empty, stark, clean.
Lean into the seat and rest.

I open the door
To quiet, no eager face.
The pup is away
As we will be tomorrow
Get away to then return.

Seems like forever
And just yesterday, always
Looking forward, you
Are the best man i know. Love
You. Happy happy birthday! ,

Shiny, thick, fragrant
Lovely, lovely chocolate.
Added herbs, spice, fun.

Smell the aroma,
Taste slowly, melting on
The tongue. Ha! As if!
Hard not to gobble it all
Down in a rush. Delicious.

A long tunnel, then
Into the sun. Today –
Sunglasses needed.

Drive time radio
Plays over the Internet
Regardless of time.
Someone, somewhere coming home
Tired after a long day.

Full moon fills the sky
Gradients of light circle
The silvery disk.
Not as bright as day, but the
Light can guide all of us home.

Every day something new,
Unexpected, maybe not
Still, i look forward.

In summer we have
Fireflies, they flit about
In winter, snow flakes
Drift from the sky, they flit and
Fall. Fireflies in the cold.

Washington’s birthday
Cherry pies and cakes, is the
Story true or myth?