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Insomnia comes
Eyes opened wide, restless still
Fractured sleep again

Unsettled – my dreams
Pieces of life, fractured and
Blended, leaving odd
Feelings, as i struggle to
Remember and then forget.

Is lacking in me. My house
Is a great big mess.
I will never change, so fine.
Not a big priority.

Multicolor clouds
Stretch across the sky, the sun
Lights them from behind.
Earth so flat, sky wide and low
So much to take in at once.

Daybreak, clear and cold
Sun light bathes hills and farms with
Pink and golden light.
To the east, i see mountains.
Blue and white in the distance.

Now the snow falls fast.
Big flakes move like fireflies
Catching evening light.

An extra today
in honor of my birthday.
Some mush, we endure.

The day started gray
Rain pouring down, the sky sad
On my birthday, bah!
But the wind blew and the clouds
Moved away – bright sun is here!

Every day is
Precious, every day is
Something to value.
Even when i feel like crap,
And life seems not so easy.

Some days are up, and
Others are down, life is just
A roller coaster.
Hang on tight if you are down.
You will soon be up again.

Sometimes i write a
Great haiku, others are crap.
That’s the way it is.
Just keep reading -at some point,
Good ones will turn up again.

Soft wind – spring teases,
Snow melted, wet earth, green grass.
Too early! Winter will
Return in frozen glory
And we hibernate anew.