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Outside is gray. Cold.

Still. Misery permeates.

Sameness. More Ennui.

Cold seeps into bones

Shivering all day, tired

Of constant winter.


Pinpoints of rain fall.

Sharp, cold, wet. Relentless in

their aim, straight at me.

We waited for snow

Instead only rain. Cold, wet

Abysmal weather

#nahaiwrimo  #micropoetry



A chill settles here

I want to crawl beneath

My covers and hide. 

#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

Cold air stings my face,
Sad skies provide no relief
Winter in suspension

Cold and damp, stinging
My face in gray fog, water
Droplets adorn branches

Cold silvery light
Breaks through gray mist, welcome sun
Reduce winter chill.