I feel pretty good. But I’m going to sleep – been a long day. And I just have to add this small piece of silliness

Just want to post this so we can all thank Oprah for our large cupped bras and tights and stockings that don’t fall down in the crotch and make us cranky….Proliferating like a virus or something?????

I’m as grateful to Oprah as anyone I suppose… actually, I don’t watch much Oprah, and I once tried her favorite bra and it gave me indigestion. Who on earth ever thought of lingerie as proliferating like a virus?  Simply more available would be good enough. I posted this on FB too, so sorry if it’s redundant…..

But Jeez….if the lingerie was in size 0, it would never proliferate, methinks.

Think on that, my friends…….