So, I am 3/4 of the way through with the first chemo – anthracyclines.  Which, I learned today are derived from a bacteria of all things! Here’s the link to wikipedia


I’ll have one more of these on March 28 and then starting in April I’ll have 12 doses of taxol, weekly.


Taxol is supposed to be less intense, and I won’t have to have as much prednisone. We hope.

But anyway, my response to the chemo has been good. My blood components drop to appropriate levels and then come right back up. Side effects aren’t horrible. Yes, I am quite bald, and my nose runs all the time.  Otherwise, ok. My stomach is a little wonky, however – to be expected. My new favorite food is oatmeal.  The worst part of it is really the prednisone – but I have to have it to tolerate the chemo.

So anyway, I feel a little buzzed, disoriented, but ok.  Since I had a boatload of prednisone, I’ll have wonky side effects from that – my eyes won’t work properly and my teeth will feel long in my mouth, and overall I’ll feel quite wacky.

For now I feel ok though. I have my activities planned – lots of crocheting – it’s mindless fun, angry birds – more mindless fun, and listening to music, some meditation perhaps and some tv viewing. Also napping and drinking water. Drinking enough seems to be a problem that I have, but i will try to increase that since it will help flush out the pred.

Looks like spring is coming to Switzerland. We have a week of sunny days, which can only help my mood.

Time  to break out the complicated drug regimen for the next 3-4 days. Lots of anti-nausea drugs and the like. But hey, it seems to work.  And my picc line is still intact. Good thing.