I live in a small town, south of Bern. Maybe 10,000 people. Most of the people do not speak English, so you have to learn to get along. All in all it’s a good experience. My German is awful. Forget about Swiss German, totally, but i do my best, I smile a lot, wave my hands and I try to be polite. Please and thank you are still useful concepts, as is smiling.

I try to shop in my town when I can – we have a great butcher, an Italian specialty store, a grocery, and some of my doctors are here as well. But last week, I learned of a yarn store in the area. I’ve been driving right past it for nearly 4 years. So today I went there, and the owner has great stuff. All sorts of funky cool yarns. And since I can’t seem to have enough hats, I was nosing about. So I was explaining in my crap German that I don’t know how to knit and the woman told me that she will teach me to knit for a nominal fee (and I mean nominal), plus the cost of whatever I purchase to work with. It’s so cool because I can’t knit.

I have a book to teach me knitting, but I can’t follow it. There’s probably some funky spatial dyslexic thing going on here, but I just don’t get it. I’m going to go back tomorrow and make arrangements, and buy some stuff to crochet another hat, but this is totally exciting. When you’re really tired and lying in bed and not much else is happening, something like crochet or knitting (I imagine) is really helpful. Simple patterns that can be memorized and executed – like a scarf or a hat are best for those occasions. There’s just something about the transfer of all that energy to my fingers that helps me a lot. I think it’s also a way to focus and relax because you are channeling that energy. Well, and I still need hats. Perhaps I can graduate to sweaters someday. I also have a ton of lampglass fruit beads that are too bulky to wear as jewelery, but that might really like to be part of a knitted or crocheted object.

Also had some phyiso-therapy for my knee today. Did a lot of balance exercises. Right before my diagnosis, M and I bought a Wii, but I’ve just not used it. Now i think it will be really useful for balance and stretching. Although today I’m still a bit tired. Took Lily out and walking up the hill really was some exertion. It is a steep hill – this is Switzerland, after all.