Normal is overrated though…..not that I would know the population “normal” if it bit me in the butt, but I have my own unique and cherished normal.

Yesterday I had my second of twelve taxols. The stuff derived from yew trees. Most effective when given in frequent but smaller doses, e.g., weekly. The good news is that it doesn’t seem to diminish blood counts as much, it doesn’t seem to create chemo brain, and I don’t require as much prednisone taper. The downside is that it can create allergic reactions – I believe it’s the suspension medium that people react to most often. So there’s always a little (more) anxiety those first few minutes after the drip starts. Also, neuropathy is a common side effect.

But overall, I’ve tolerated the taxol pretty well so far (2/12 done), and in fact, after my chemo yesterday I walked to M’s office (about 1/4 of a mile), had lunch and coffee, came home and cooked dinner. This morning I got up, walked Lily and went shopping with M, tasks I was not able to do the day after my previous chemo. In fact, I was pretty much stuck in the house (and mostly in bed) for 4-5 days post chemo.

So this makes me happy. I feel more like myself, and my mood is considerably better. Also, I am more active which helps a lot. It does make me hopeful that there will be life after this is over.

Still, I take frequent naps. And it’s time for one now……writing is exhausting.

Next up, perhaps even later today, however, some thoughts about mind-body connections and other navel gazing (not nasal grazing). ;-p