Yesterday I reached a milestone of sorts. My final chemotherapy. Time for a deep breath.

Over the last 6 months I’ve had 16 infusions – the first 4 were every 3 weeks, and the last twelve were more or less weekly. I’ve been infused with derivatives of antibiotics and yew trees and whatever else, and yet, my body has done quite well. I never doubted that I would finish my treatment, and I never thought of giving up at all. I am surprised and pleased that the treatments weren’t more difficult to tolerate. My most prominent symptoms were tiredness, chemo-brain, mood swings and side effects from the steroids – increased appetite, fluid retention.

Yesterday, at the end of chemo, the nurse removed my PICC line. A part of me since January 21, I watched as she pulled the little sucker out of my arm. Sort of a weird feeling right around my shoulder as the 20 centimeter catheter slid down through my vein, and I was amazed at how tiny (1.5 millimeters in diameter) and stretchy the thing was. And it was purple! I guess that shows up on imaging better. So it’s gone. It was a great device, and I’m glad I had it, but I’m also glad it’s gone. RIP, PICC.

I feel good because I accomplished this, my clinical indicators are positive, and I’ll be followed closely. Every three months by my surgeon/gyn and by my oncologist. Although I’ll see the onc in about 8 weeks to start my Armidex, and rather more frequently at first to see how I do on this particular drug. There are side effects and tolerance issues and we’ll just have to see. But I’m positive that it will all be fine.

So I move on to the next phase…Radiation – more about that as it happens. I do know a couple of things about rads… no underwire bras, and probably no deodorant on the left side while I’m having my rads. Also, no baths or swimming, but showers are ok. Thankfully for everyone. I should be able to take myself to my own appointments… and I’m aiming for a 2pm daily one – reasonable parking, not too much traffic back and forth, and I can have lunch with a friend or something before rads..

But of course, for me, every day, for 7-ish weeks, even if it is 20 minutes…going to be fun!!!

My hair continues to grow, and I’m on the fence about the gray. Back and forth.