It’s nearly three weeks since my last chemo and I’m seeing some changes. The changes – improvements really – are small, and incremental. They are quite noticeable over time and they are very welcome. Chemo is hard, but we get through it. Lots and lots of women and men do. Our bodies do have a great capacity to heal, and even when we feel weak, there is a lot of underlying strength there.

I just feel better. So far I haven’t had much in the way of mood swings. I am starting to sleep better, mostly without the help of meds, and when I do need them, I’ve been able to decrease the dose. I think it’s easier to maintain a positive perspective.. Less reframing, more automatic. I just have to stay away from the news. Too depressing.

Not so hungry. I have felt like eating everything in sight at various times, accompanied by a buzzy, anxious feeling, and this is largely gone.

More stamina. When i leave my house to go to the car or walk Lily, I climb a hill equivalent to about 2 flights of stairs. It has been hard sometimes to make it up that hill. It’s getting easier. And i’m walking Lily a little longer each day.

Not so puffy. My feet have stopped swelling, hands and face look a lot better. My skin is better too… Not so red on my face (taxol/steroid flush), and not so dry on my face, arms and legs.

Neuropathy is minimal. About 75% of people on taxol experience peripheral neuropathy… Tingling and numbness in hands and feet. Mine was never really bad, and it seems to be decreasing.

Hair regrowth is interesting. My hair has been growing since May. I have almost an inch on my head. But it comes in waves and is asymetrical. I wish it was still dark, but it’s not. My left eyebrow is almost all back, but the right isn’t. My left eyelashes are long and curly, the right ones are not so long and more sparse. My hair has always been thicker on the left anyway, but it’s weird to see these differences as it grows back. Other than shaving my head in a snit, when else would i have this experience? Cool.