On Tuesday, the boobs and I have a date with the mammography machine. Boob sandwich. Since I’ve been on a low carbohydrate eating plan, this could be as close to a sandwich as I’m going to get. Ketchup and relish with that?

I am really hoping that this mammogram will be innocuous, because, as you know, this is my first mammogram post cancer diagnosis, lumpectomy, chemo and rads. I feel good, I feel strong, I don’t have a lot of anxiety. I’m trying to ramp down the magical thinking too…if I worry a lot it will be ok, if I don’t worry it won’t. Bah. But I have to deal in facts. My ultrasounds and exams have all been clear and I’ve felt nothing. I’ve had a crapload of treatment. And I know that whatever the outcome, I’ll deal with it.

I see my doctor on December 20 for ultrasounds, etc. Almost a year to the day of my diagnosis. But it’s just that, a year to the day, nothing less, nothing more. At least I’m trying not to infuse meaning in these dates, but to be present, in the present.

But anyway, think good thoughts for me and the boobs on Tuesday. It’s been a long year.