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Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana – Groucho Marx

So what does this have to do with health? It makes me laugh, and laughing is good. It’s an inconsistent, absurd thought that often takes me out of despair, and into curiosity, wonderment and makes me want to solve a problem. Sort of meditative for the non-ascetic, western girl.

I often try to find the silliness, the absurdity in my world. It reminds me that I am human, with the ability to think and to reason, and sometimes, I am a little in charge. A very little. Or at least I think so – I can always re-think a problem.

I let myself feel anxiety, grief, sadness, anger, confusion, general pissed-offess (but I try not to direct it inward). I try really hard never to point that pistol of blame back at myself.

I don’t believe that things happen for a reason. Crap happens and we construct the reason to make sense of the crap. Sometimes we have the opportunity to turn crap into an adventure or a prison. That’s what makes us human.

Hmmm… might come back to this one later. It’s a bit odd….