Day 10 of HAWMC – Letter to myself at 16… (yeah, ok I did it at day 8)

Don’t worry so much, although  it’s your nature to worry. And worry fuels your curiosity, and your inquisitiveness. So worry is a good thing. But still, you don’t need to worry quite so much.   There is a lot to look forward in this life – in your life, and you’ll do a lot of things to be proud of. Don’t worry about doing everything. No one can do everything. But try to get things done – albeit imperfectly. And focus on now. It’s the best place to be.

Don’t stress about your diet so much. Don’t try to loose weight and then eat when you don’t succeed. Balance your diet the best you can and go outside a lot. Walk, walk, walk. Drink water. Don’t let what people say about your weight bother you. I know it’s hard and it’s hurtful, but there is more to you than that. Don’t even worry about loosing just 5 pounds. Don’t eat when you feel bad, either. Learn to eat when you’re hungry. But it’s not a failure – it’s who you are.

Write as much as you can, and think. Enjoy your thoughts.  Allow yourself to be amazed by beautiful things, saddened by unkindness, untruth, wrong.

You have some very good friends, don’t worry about having a lot of mediocre friends.

It’s so hard to be a teenager, so much awkwardness. Remember that you are a good person, smart and kind. You’ll do good things. You’ll make people laugh, too. Don’t worry about things being perfect either. Nothing, and no one is ever perfect.

You’ll be happy. Remember to laugh and smile.

It’s hard to learn to love yourself, but it’s a good goal to work toward.