Boobstagram. Is this what we’ve come to? Let’s show pictures of boobs to raise awareness about breast cancer. And how does this work exactly? The founders of this site rather pompously announce that they will raise awareness in a fun rather than fearful manner by showing lots of boobs, and thus contribute to both primary and secondary prevention.

We don’t know how to prevent breast cancer. The two biggest risk factors are gender (female) and age. Sex change and suspended animation don’t cut it.

You want to look at boobs? No problem, look at boobs. But don’t cover it up with disingenuous talk about awareness. It’s what it is… Another disembodied female form – boobs in space. Nameless, faceless boobs. Just drool at the boobs, don’t worry about the person behind the boobs. If you visit the facebook page, you see are comments like “bigger is better”. What has that got to do with prevention and awareness?

If you want to understand the toll of breast cancer, especially on young women, there are more worthy pictorial images, images of the entire person, not a random pair of boobs. The scar project shows young women affected by breast cancer. You want to talk awareness? Look there.