If you’ve been following my blog, you might know that i decided to write and post at least one haiku per day, for the rest of the year. They won’t all be clever – indeed i am sure that some will be banal and repetitive. Lots are going to be weather related or perhaps about my search for entertaining topics. I guess I will go back and add tags for the topics – at the end of this I’ll have a crapload of haiku(s). And some will quite simply be, crap.

But anyway. Haiku are interesting to me, a highly disorganized person who doesn’t like too much structure. The predictable structure of haiku gives me a framework and within that framework, i have an enormous amount of flexibility to create. It’s very freeing. So i know the boundaries and when i think up a haiku – whoosh! Write and post. I like it.

I’m even considering moving on to lists of things to do, or the evil to-do list. Now that is scary.