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Gloomy and gray, damp,
Cold seeps through my clothes, and
I shiver, need warmth.

Crescent moon against
Deep dark sky, stars all over
Twinkle. Cold, cold night.

Clear blue sky, cloudless.
Mountains, quiet, observing
Under sparkling snow.

Snow falls fast, cold, white.
Winter will not give way to
Spring, no, not quite yet.

Reframe loss, regret
Less. Honor memories still
While looking ahead.

Two months, first haiku
Days when i write more than one –
Or words hard to find.

Seasons change – winter
Into spring. Three short months, and
Time again for change.

How could I miss my
daily haiku! Ooops! Here I
am making it up!

Small blue flowers face
The sun, searching for the light
Of life, make us grow!

Wide awake, so late.
Old dreams fill my head, again
More insomnia

Distant traffic hums
Mist blurs the moon, dark blue sky.
As my day begins.