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Winter? But no snow.
Just rain, again rain, more rain.
No icy clear cold.

Gray day, half winter

Snow or rain, we wait to see

Cold chill in the air


Back from Sweden, cold
And snow. Odd to see many
beggars on the streets.

Two sunny days in
A row. Mild temp, blue sky. So
Very very wrong.

And paying it forward for tomorrow while I travel….

Black socks, white dog, hair
Everywhere, but how does so
Much get inside?

Bright sunshine, cloudless
Sky, endless blue, mild. Odd to
See in winter’s grip.

New pills, more meds. Still.
Waiting for the next round of
Doctor’s visits. Sigh.

Blue and white to gold
and lilac, misty jewels –
shades of the sunset.

The earth below, a
Haphazard patchwork of shapes
Roads, rivers connect.

Brown hillsides await
Spring to turn them fresh and green
Breathing in new life

That moment before
We fall asleep. Caught between
Here and there. Deep breath.