Sun and warmth, then snow

Spring tries to break through, but still

Winter’s grip is tight.

Pinpoints of rain fall.

Sharp, cold, wet. Relentless in

their aim, straight at me.

Haiku for each day

Faithfully written, I did

indeed stick to it.

#nahaiwrimo  #micropoetry

We waited for snow

Instead only rain. Cold, wet

Abysmal weather

#nahaiwrimo  #micropoetry



Fear the reign of clowns

Do not vote Republican


#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

Restore and relax

A good deep sleep, the world is

Now a brighter place. 
#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

Some days are better

Than others. Just like  weather,

Sad days pass away.

We awake to magic

White, bright, accumulation

And gray slush by noon. 

#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

Wet, dark night. Under

Covers, keeping warm.  My eyes

Droop, I welcome sleep. 
#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

A chill settles here

I want to crawl beneath

My covers and hide. 

#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry