Cold mist blankets us

Quiet after New Years’ noise

We begin again.

People here and there

Heads down, walk unaware of

The rest of the world

You think you’re pate

But you’re just chop-ped liver

Not admirable

The sun shines, we are

Flooded with light. Warm fingers

Dance across my face.

Leaves, colors of warmth, even
As they fall and die

Swiss autumn is here

Rain and fog, the chill settles

Darkness grows each day

The Wind is beating
Against my blinds, rattling 
Slices of metal
Like bones, oh wait, Halloween 
Was last week, the ghosts are gone. 

Sun breaks through the gray

Illumination, warmth, despite

The cold. Lifts souls.

Outside is gray. Cold.

Still. Misery permeates.

Sameness. More Ennui.

Human burrito

Blanket tortilla, snuggle

Down for a cold night. 

Blushing sky, softly

Fades to dark. A sliver of

cresent moon glows bright.

So attached, to this

Smudged, dirty screen. A funnel

into narrowness