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My big hair loss occurred about 2-3 weeks after my first chemo. Hair started to fall out 2 weeks after, and I had my all my hair cut off to about 1-2 cm. Then it proceeded to fall out over the next few weeks. It’s an interesting thing… I suppose like sunburned skin, it’s one of those things you can’t leave alone. You just keep reaching up and pulling out as much hair as you can. Of course, the guy who made my wig told me that I should get as much of my hair out when I showered, etc. I did a pretty good job too, because I didn’t have any weird feelings in my head. Or maybe I just didn’t have those weird feelings.

I became a big fan of sticking tape on my head (mostly wide package tape), and pulling it off to see how much hair would come out. It didn’t hurt at all. I suppose the hair is short enough, or the root-folicle-whatever is fragile enough that it comes right out. Or maybe the tape isn’t that strong. Whatever. It was fun. We must find amusement where we can. There’s not a whole lot amusing or funny about chemotherapy, let’s face it. In this case, I suppose that good intrapersonal skills are useful here – being able to talk to yourself, amuse yourself and appreciate yourself even when you’re cranky, tired and bald.

So here I am three chemo cycles later. My hair looks like it might be coming in again, but today I used the tape test and it looks like it’s falling out too. So are my eyebrows – the middle of each eyebrow is gone. No need for the tape test there. My eyelashes look rather scant as well. No tape test on the eyelashes. That’s just ewwwww!

If you’ve ever seen the Simpsons episode where Homer’s roomate in the asylum claims to be Michael Jackson, but he’s really a large, pale guy with not much hair. I look a lot like that.

But it’s ok to be bald. Earlier this week, I went down to get a package from the mailman without a wig or hat, and I walk around the terrace bald, and I go to the laundry room bald. It’s nice not to have to worry about washing your hair and styling or dying it. Just wash your head. It’s also freaky – it’s the one thing that makes you look undeniably like a person with cancer. And you do have to wear a hat or a wig out in public – it just generates way too much attention otherwise. And when I’m tired and cranky, I don’t want attention. I just want to slip under the radar.

But anyway, I found out today that other people do the tape test too. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that I’m not the only one out there sticking tape to my head in an effort to gauge my hair loss.

Below the cut…. it’s not so bad to be bald.

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Looks like spring is coming to Switzerland. We’ve had nice weather for the last few days. The smell of manure permeates the air (we do live next to a farm, after all), and there are lots of chirpy birds outside. It feels springy.

I had my oncology follow up today. I have this organized schedule. The week after chemo, I see my oncologist to talk about how the chemo week went. At the end of the following week, I see my regular doctor to check my counts (and usually they are quite low). Then it’s time to go back for one more of the super-campari-colored prednisone accompanied chemos. I guess I have a break after that while my counts bounce back and then it’s time for my weekly taxols, which aren’t supposed to be so bad. However, I am to spend 2 30 minute periods each day out in “fresh air”. And I think it is a good prescription. Some movement, some sunlight – all good. I’ll even take Lily, who might appreciate the opportunity to chase cats and kick up dirt.

So it was springy, and I decided to wear my wig. My wig is cute but it’s way more stylish than me.. It’s perky matron and short but reminds me of my Orthodox Jewish ancestors in Poland or wherever, and it also reminds me of all the Orthodox Jewish women I see on the JFK-ZRH flight in their wigs. Weird associations. I’m trying to figure out if I look more like a woman with cancer or an Orthodox Jewish matron. What-evah. I do like the color though.

Now I’m getting ready for my sister Eileen (yes, I really do have one) to come – she arrives in 2 weeks, to baby sit me while M goes to the US, but she’s staying for a month and we should have some amusement.

I was thinking of writing with more depth, but the truth is that I’m so tired tonight that I think I’ll snooze instead. Must have beauty sleep. Lily’s already asleep at the bottom of the bed.

Below the cut…. me with very little hair – taken 15.02.2011


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Below the cut – me with all my hair cut off,   06.02.2011



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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Mostly because we have had visitors – first M’s brother and then my dear friend Abigail. So it’s fun and the weather has been totally fabulous – bright clear sunshine and gorgeous mountain views.

But anyway, my counts dropped and my hair fell out. Started around my birthday, had it cut to about 1cm all around, and it’s been falling out a lot. In this case a picture is worth a thousand words. So I guess I will post some pics. But I will do that from my computer since it doesn’t seem to work from the iPad.

But the point is that I have a cute wig, although it’s not bad to be bald and I have cute hats.

I had my second chemo today and I am a little hopped up on prednisone, so i think I will post more later.