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Various pictures of our dog, Lily the Pup. Most taken in our old apartment in Belp. She spends a lot of time sleeping and generally looking beautiful. Wears a wig well, too. Likes to eat, but have no pics of that.

My various plants from Belp, mostly in 2010, almost all arranged and planted by my sister Eileen. Beautiful, aren’t they?

We had the most amazing view in Belp. Here are some views between 2007 and 2011 when we lived there. Lots of beauty in the sky.

Two years of my head

Two years of my head, April 2010 to April 2012. Cancer dx was December 2010, a couple of days after the second picture top left. Most pics are from 2011, except for the bottom row – those are all 2012.

The loss and regrowth of my hair was the most obvious outward sign of my treatment and treatment progress. Many women who have breast cancer go through reconstruction, but I followed the lumpectomy – rads route. No need to reconstruct in my case. So, for the end of the year – here it is – the year in hair.

When I first lost my hair, I swore that I would start to color it as soon as I could. I’ve colored my hair for more than 20 years. As it grew back, I realized that it looked quite good as it was. There is nothing wrong with coloring your hair, but there’s nothing wrong with leaving it alone, either. We talk a lot about being positive with our bodies, the way we look – being comfortable in our own skin is important. And I feel comfortable. Very comfortable.

Not sure I’ll post again till the New Year – we’re getting ready to move and I’m packing. So Happy Holidays! On to 2012, and thanks so much for reading this year. Your support and comments have meant so much to me….


The pics are in chronological order from 18.12.2010 through 23.12.2011 – my last haircut was 06.02.2011.

A little update. I actually have enough hair for a real haircut, so here it is – 19.01.2012…time to change my avatar too

And another update – the last is my hair, november 2012.