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Clouds reach across the sky
Following the wind in straight
Lines, bottoms flattened.

Leafy canopy
Filters sunlight as we drive
Along ancient roads

Reclaimed land stretches
To the horizon. Green fields,
Cows and sandy dunes.

Clusters of star like
Flowers, brilliant colors perch
On shiny green leaves.

Modern windmills, two
Arms and a head, endlessly
Spinning round and round.

Escape the cold rain,
North to sun and warmth, milder
Maritime climate.

Hills become lower
Spaces are wider. The sky
Grows in flatter land.

Rolling hills, houses
Clustered, warm colors, dark
Narrow points of trees

Blue sky emerging
Wind is brisk, whiffs of roses
And bacon cooking.

Alpine to arid
Velvet green to olives, palms
Mountain’s other side.

Low hanging clouds, mist
Against velvet green, rising
In soft, gentle hills.

Fresh greens, early light
Trees muffle road sounds, birds sing
Happily, content.