So my post chemo cycle is like this. Morning after blah. Next two days really blah as I have prednisone head and water retention, although I stop puffing like a balloon middle of the third day. Then last night I just went to sleep and feel a lot better so far today.

It’s really important to sleep, drink water, eat stuff you like that’s easy. I’ve become enamored of oatmeal with butter and cheese on those days and small bits of dark chocolate. Chicken soup is good too.

My mood feels a lot better too. Part of staying in the moment is recognizing you feel like crap and just letting that feeling persist. Not much you can do otherwise. Just relax, crochet, watch a funny movie but don’t berate yourself for not being happy. The big difference is to let go of the crap moment when it’s gone. Don’t hold on to it. But realize it might come back. It is a weird place to be in.

Today the sun is shining, although we have fog and I have some energy to arrange stuff. Am thankful for that.

And I am half done with this chemo, I handled an increased dose just fine. Many good things.