As of today, I have completed 18 of 36 zaps. I’m not terribly tired, feel pretty good and there isn’t a lot of irritation. In fact, my rad-onc doc said that he really expected me to show a lot more irritation at this point, evidence of burning, etc. So I’m underdone. But yay for me…I have good skin for a middle-aged broad, as my father would say. And good skin for radiation. Not that I want to make this a habit.

The other thing I noticed is that my left breast is more perky. It’s probably due to swelling and tissue changes as a consequence of the rads, but still…it’s a bit perkier than its partner. What do you call the other boob? Sister? Surely not brother. Partner? Partner in crime? Well anyway, it is more perky.

While I wouldn’t call this “a piece of cake,” this has been a much easier time than I ever would have imagined. Is this luck? Attitude? Good treatment? Me? Probably all of the above and a lot of reframing to concentrate on the positive.

And oh, it looks like my new hair is curly. And I have long eyelashes.