Wow…seven more radiation treatments to go. Then I am done.

Today I had the first of my final 8 treatments. Boosters. Boob Boosters? Whatever.

The zap is aimed at the tumor site, and focused. The distance from the source to my breast is short. I also understand that where the other treatments have been photons, this one is electrons. I have a whole new set of marks on me too… green and black. And I have a bandage of sorts for my armpit, which is rather irritated from the previous radiation.

There was a little moment of panic yesterday when the rad onc office called and asked me to bring my mammograms, and my rational self figured that it was so the doctor could make sure that they were aiming at the exact spot. We had some debate about the position of that spot yesterday – it was hard to find. And I have healed really well, the scar tissue is minimal, and the precise tumor site is no longer easy to find. So when I brought the films this morning, the office assistant seemed to suggest that the doctor wanted to see all my films, so I gave them to her, but had a little panic brewing in the back of my mind. But remember too – my German isn’t good enough to get nuances of language. Fortunately, I saw the doctor when they were positioning me, and asked him – and my initial impression was right – he just wanted to make sure they were aiming at the right place. Big sigh of relief. For M too, who had the same exact thought.

So I learned some interesting stuff too. I asked the staff how long they’d been using marks and tape rather than tattoos, and the one technician thought at least 20 years, although they’ve improved on their markers. I think these wash off better. The other tech explained that because breasts move around so much (and for sure, mine do), they like to have guide lines and targets so they can be precise. And for 7 weeks, it’s ok to have all this abstract art on me because I’d rather they didn’t miss. Plus, I think it makes the appointment more efficient. It sort of sucks in the heat because the tape peels…. but there is an endless supply of tape in this place. And markers.

On my last day of rads, it’s back to the oncologist to discuss armidex and our next steps. Also I’m going to see a nutritionist with an anti-cancer specialty, and I’m hoping I can do some serious work on this arthritic knee – I’ve not been able to walk as much as I would like. In other important news, my hair continues to grow back. Ta-da.

Although treatment is not really completed – I do have 5 years of drugs – the intensive part is almost over. Back to a sort of normal.