Some random semantics.

Personally, I like the word boob. It’s a palindrome, the same word spelled backwards and forwards. Efficient. Upside down, it’s poop. So it’s a useful word. It makes a nice sound rolling off the tongue… a touch of otamatopia (however you spell that). Say boob slowly, and it sounds rounded, like, uh, a boob. It goes up and down like the shape of a breast. The word sounds like what it describes.

I want to giggle when I say “breast”. By itself, it makes me think of romance novels, but it might be because I know writers of such, and the word breast is usually in there somewhere. Or it’s a serious word, clinical. Breast. And right now, I associate the word with “cancer”. Breast cancer. It’s a hard word that doesn’t roll off my tongue, but sticks. Breast.

Another word that people use is tit. Also a palindrome, but also a hard word. You spit out the word “tit”. I don’t like it as much.

When I say boob, it feels comfortable, familiar. A little funny, with rounded edges. Others may find it disrespectful, but I don’t.