The last few radiation treatments delivered right to the tumor site have given me a bit of a burn. Like a blistering sunburn. Looks very angry there. Made me think of a game… angry boob, where various flying boobs crush and destroy cancer cells. Yes, I know about Angry Birds. Am fond of the game.

So anyway, I have a sore and angry boob. But it’s getting better, just sort of icky now.

After my last radiation treatment, I went into the bathroom and ripped off all of the tape that marked my targets and positions. I went home and had a nice long, lavender scented bath. Ahhhh. And I’m enjoying my daily showers/baths with various different soaps. I’m sort of liking the hair too.

But it’s been a busy week. In the past week I have seen my anti-cancer nutritionist, had my final radiation, saw my oncologist and started Arimidex, and continued the search for a new place to live. Today my butt is dragging.

The nutritionist was cool. Interesting stuff… Cancer cells feed off sugar, don’t seem to use fat or protein. And estrogen hangs out in fat cells, so it’s a good idea to reduce some of those. Sweet tooth and an estrogen tooth. And, exercise is important. So my general plan is to eat low carb, no sugar if I can help it, and exercise more. Also to drink water… I gained a bit of weight – steroid swelling and increased appetite, but that seems to be going away. The low carb thing is pretty easy, I like salads and protein. So we’ll see. I am not suggesting this for anyone else. It’s what I’ve decided to do for me.

Today I bought new walking shoes. Bitching red. The great thing about Switzerland is that you can buy red shoes, which I love.

Rads were fine, just an angry red boob here, but the tape is all gone! And my angry boob is nowhere as red as my new shoes.

Arimidex seems ok so far. Basically, I’ve decided that since I made it through chemo and rads relatively well, I will be ok on Arimidex. Maybe I can’t control all my side effects, but I think a positive attitude helps. And, feeling empowered by doing something has served me well so far.

It’s a little disconcerting to look up Arimidex and find out that body builders have used it. Basically it stops the production of estrogen in your body, helpful to body builders and women with hormone dependent cancers. Strange bedfellows.

Otherwise, I hope I won’t have to take up shaving. I do have to be monitored for bone loss, and I might have mood swings and get all shrively (dryness). I’m tired too, but it’s been a long week.

More soon…