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Tired days, sleepy

Stay abed and dream, then stretch, 

Turn, to dream again. 

Night, dark and smooth, wraps

Me in velvet, darkest blue.

Descent into sleep.  

Restore and relax

A good deep sleep, the world is

Now a brighter place. 
#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

Wet, dark night. Under

Covers, keeping warm.  My eyes

Droop, I welcome sleep. 
#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

Fresh sheets, soft lagoon

Colors soothe, but Lily

Takes up half the bed

#nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

Awake from deep sleep
Barely light, strange dreams, plaintive
Dog. Return to bed.

And an afterthought

Mid-day heat soars, I
Lay across the bed, a slug
Salt me and be done!